During some Sumo today, me and Joel accidentally head butted each other. So we were excited about what a cool move it was, and decided to include headbutting in our matches now.

It makes for a much more intense round, it’s great fun!

Except it wasn’t Joel who I played next, it was jordan, who was quite stunned when I did it to him anyways.

We both had multi impact helmets on, I think it would ruin your typical plastic shelled cycling helmet.

We were also playing in a parking lot, with no circle sectioned off. This also made the play much more exciting, because you play until someone actually falls, not simply over riding a line on the floor.

It makes for a great style of match, and the crowd loves it!

I’ve been researching bike and uni helmets, and have bought my fair share, but I’ve never heard of “multi-impact” helmets. Can you show me a picture or link or something?

any of the skateboard type helmets

they are WAY hotter than bike helmets!

And way heavier too.

They are hotter than bike helmets. Makes me sweat.

I wonder if we should try it with regular helmets…

If you play Sumo without a boundary line, it’s not really Sumo. Then you could call it by one of several other names, such as Gladiators, Demolition Derby (best with a group), King of the hill (also with a group), or Dogfighting (best on giraffes, though not recommended at all).

We play that, and call it something like demolition unicycles. Its pretty fun. The object is to make your opponet(s) crash and burn…

We’re also pretty dangerus, doing it on a giraffe would be disasterous! :astonished:

o yeah, i always wear a skateboard helmet for muni, haha

i just didn’t ever think about calling them “multiple impact”
that’d make sense
see, I have this full face helmet, and they say after 1 significant impact you should get a new one, and i figured that would be more durable than a skate helemet, i guess not

yeah, skate helmets are really hot!
i found this giro helmet called the “Semi MX,” it’s skate style, w/ more vents like a bike helmet
it’s got more protection than a standard helmet
i have mine on my way from, you should check it out on giro’s website if you want a cooler, but as protective one compared to a skate helmet.