Can you get summits in uk and apart from looking great what are they like as unis

i cant find one i rely like the frame though…

my dad says he can make an almost identical frame… i might make him make one and get it powder coated an ace colour

oh i wont go around saying its a summit when its not btw

you can get anything anwhere… if youve got the money for it. the summit was a prototype for the 2003 KH trials uni that KH himself never ok’d, thats why they dont make them anymore… they are an extremely strong uni with a splined hub and crankset…if you can get your hands on one youre a very lucky person. the frame is about as strong as they come but it quite heavy, 2 problems…the cranks have a habit of digging at your ankles because theres no q-factor and the uni as a whole is relatively heavy compared to todays standars.

i dont have the money for it…

all i meant was is that there hard to find in the uk…most of the models people are selling reside in the us.

The summit is basically a 04 KH with a different frame and the crank arms had round “nibs” sticking out at the hub which sometimes would eat ankle flesh. As a side note, these nibs were easily ground off, making the unicycle almost identical to the 04 KH. The frame is around 1lb heaver then the 04 KH.

i thought the summit was the 03 kh? oh well maybe im wrong.

It is the same hub/crank set as the '03

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