Where can you buy a summit trials unicycle?


apparently there were a bunch of them being sold on ebay. whenever i ask ppl where to get a summit, they either say “you can’t get one anymore, they dont make 'em” or “check ebay”. however, it seems the person that sold all of them on ebay has run out. regardless, i still check ebay every once in a while to make sure. good luck, hope u can find one.


Aw really? that sucks.

It seems like George Picket found one at a local bike shop. If you call around, you may get lucky. I don’t know if the local lbs bought them from, but if they did they may be able to tell you who bought them. I know they list their distributors on their site. Might be worth a little investigative work if you really want one.

buying a summit

I know a couple of guys who bought Summits from and they ended up paying around $450 cdn. I think they are holding up pretty well but i don’t like the way the cranks protrude in the ankle region. I bought a KH20(non splined) for a little over $300 cdn. new and i’m more than happy with its performance.

Where’d you buy the non-splined KH? I’d really like to know.