What is the Summit? From what I heard its a prototype for the Kris Holm. It has the exact same hub and crank arms but a different, heavier, frame.

Is that all? Any other differences? I am trying to find out how much one is worth to me. At what point is it better to just buy a KH.

Re: Summit

I have a KH24 and a Summit 20". I like them both. The crown on the KH is tilted forward a little more than the Summit, and the Summit may be a little heavier. To me it was well worth the savings to go with the Summit. The cranks/hub pedals are the same.

I love my Summit. I do not own a KH but the good folks at Uni.Com said the the weight is “exactly the same.”

However, the newer KH have a diffenent crank that does not have the nubs at the axle.


Where did you hear that?

I saw them while at Uni.Com. Perhaps I’m wrong about what is currently going out but I saw the new cranks - minus the nubs - and with a KH signature on the side.

That’s what I see.

And I can’t determine anything from that pic.

The pictures and website isn’t always up to date. Best to call them or e-mail them directly for that sort of question.

2 of my ffriends have the KH and 2 have the summit, i also have the summit
the wieght difference is negligable, at most. We all know that the summit is much more bang for the buck, and even joke about it. Personally, i would go with the summit, that is, if you can find one.
BUT it will have those pesky crank nubs. OUCH!

The one I’m looking at has a Viscount seat and a 250mm seatpost. So I’d have to spend $70 to get it running. Gotta figure out if I want to spend $300 total? $350?

I changed my Summit a tad and had the nubs milled-off and a spacer placed on the axle. Too, I had it powder coated by Darren Bedford. The powder coating is awesome and I’ve yet to smack my ankles once since the mill job.

See this post:


I just bought a summit I love it you do have to watch out for the crank nubs but its the same on the kh as I hear. I got mine for a steal but I wouldnt (and was told not to) pay more then $270 for it.

Was this $270 for a KH seat? The one I’m looking I will need to spend $70 more on seat and post.

Even if I spend $250 on it and then $70 more, add some shipping its about $350. Whereas the KH will be $420 w/ship. Still seems like a good deal.

“$270 for one *with a KH seat.”

The newest KH doesn’t have as big a protuberance (yeah big word) where the cranks join the hub. It is a bit lighter too. If you’re gonna spend $350 on a Summit you might consider just shelling out the extra cash for a KH. You’ll save a little on shipping and have a longer seatpost and KH seat to start, saving you some time.

Plus, I’m not sure it’s a problem, but the ebay Summits have weird cranks that say “man o war” on them. Anybody know the story about that.

This is grand. doesn’t have any seat posts that will fit the KH. I think I’m going to draw the line at spending $300 total on it at the moment.

Rayden, I sent you a Private Message. -Eric

So, has anybody found out, for sure, which cranks are currently coming with the KH Trials? I know that Uni.Com is sort of short staffed at teh moment and I hate to call to ask a question that is not part of an order and just because I’m curious.

I sent them an email yesterday I believe. Have not recieved an answer yet.

Nick got a new KH20 a little while ago and he had regular KH cranks with small nubs at the ankles. Smaller than the summit’s.