I love this Uni! if you’re into trials get it! i got home yesterday from a trip, i had to make some adjustments like cut the seat post down to my size. The big tire increases my jump, and because it’s splined it gives me the recklessness to try everything, because my other uni was weak and i was afraid to give it a good beating but this one…No way! anyways if you’re looking for a Trials Uni i say get this one… it’s awesome!

definatly a cool uni,hard to belive i got mine before you though.

Do your spokes feel loose?mine were. if you have a spoke wrench,then i would start at the valve stem and give each one a full turn all the way around.

DudleyDoRide gets his Summit today too.

My dad checked my spokes and said they were fine…he’s been biking for 30 years too.

I haven’t checked the tightness yet (only a day into ownership…), but now I will. I did notice tonight that at least one of the spokes looked like it was just plain installed wrong, i.e. rather than the gentle arc you see when one crosses over another, this one looked like it was actually bent/angled, like maybe it really belonged going on the inside of the spoke it was crossing, rather than the outside.

Will look more closely in the morning when my meds wear off…

Side Question: This is my first experience riding a 20. I started practicing my backward riding, and immediately went twice as far as my longest ride to date on my 24. BUT, it was much more erratic, i.e. I zigged and zagged, and then got going on an angle thing that I couldn’t get out of. On my Hunter 24, I go backward in pretty much a straight line. Anyone have something similar happen?

yeah i would give them a good once over Tom.when unibrier showed up in Salem,the first thing he did was show me how loose his spokes were.obviously he came all the way to Salem so i could tension his wheel right?:smiley: anyway mine were totaly loose,like 5 full turns for each spoke,loose.

it turn out the Dudley Do Ride gets his Summit tommorow so i cant say anything about his yet,i wonder if his wheel will be in backwards too.

Okay. It seems like a long way to drive for wheel help, but since I don’t know what I’m doing and it’s a long weekend… :stuck_out_tongue: Unibrier definitely recommended your wheel-tensioning services, although he cautioned against letting you handle expensive digital cameras.

I always have an ulterior motive. :sunglasses:

i love this uni

great uni, my crank has a clicking noise when i peddle, don’t know what it is.

awsome uni

this summit is an awsome uni, got mine about a week ago, went on a ride with some friends. handles great! did some 4 ft. onto some flat rock. lands so much easier with that big tire.

Re: i love this uni

Put some copper anti-seize on the splines and on the pinch bolt threads and on the retaining bolt threads. Then tighten everything down tight. The anti-seize on the bolt threads will allow you to get the bolts tighter and should hopefully stop the clicking noise. You can get anti-seize at auto parts stores like NAPA. A little 4 oz. jar is enough to last you a life time.

Check the pinch bolt and retaining bolt regularly to make sure they stay tight.

If after the anti-seize treatment you still get a clicking noise then check the pedals. A loose pedal bearing could cause a clicking noise.

That’s a great photo. You’re the first unicyclist I’ve ever seen wearing a full-face helmet.


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Is that stuff also known as copper-kote (kopper-kote)?

I’m not trying to be funny here, just that in Germany I only know a copper based grease with that name, and I am considering using it to keep my crank nuts tight.



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I’m not sure if copper-kote is the same stuff as copper anti-seize. I did a web search and copper-kote was described as “This is an aerosol gasket sealer made to work well for head gaskets”. That doesn’t sound like the same stuff as the anti-seize that I use. Anti-seize is a lubricant and not a gasket sealer.

Copper anti-seize is a paste like grease with fine copper particles in the grease. It has a very strong copper color.

Here is a description from the bottle of copper anti-seize that I have:
Copper Anti-Seize Lubricant is an exclusively formulated colloidal copper compound that in effect “copper plates” mating surfaces. It prevents seizing and galling caused by heavy loads, vibration, corrosion and temperatures up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit (980 Celsius). For use with most metals under most conditions, including cast iron, steel, stainless steel, nickel, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, aluminum, and more.

Here is a link to the stuff:
Permatex copper anti-seize

Finish Line also a copper anti-seize that is specifically marketed for bike parts but is the same stuff as the copper anti-seize sold at auto stores.
Finish Line Ti-Prep copper anti-seize

Summit is here.

Today UPS delivered my new Summit Unicycle. The first thing that I noticed was that the crank where the pedal mounts was sticking out of the box. The other side of the box had been repaired with box tape where the crank must of poked through before. On the inside of the box was extra cardboard where the repair had be done. It seems that it would be a good idea if they just add extra cardboard on each side of the box before shipping. Luckey for me there was no damage to the crank, just scraped off some paint and a little metal. Check out the picture below.

Has anyone else had this problem when they received their new Summit or KH unicycles?

I assemble the unicycle and everything went together great. The spokes feel tight and the wheel is true. I think that this is a great deal at $249.00

My wife doesn’t understand why I have to have another unicycle, this makes 3. A 36" Coker, 24" Muni and now a 20" Summit. I explained to her that it’s like Flyfishing. You have to have different weight & lenth of rods depending on the type of fish your fishing for.

Re: Summit is here.

My Summit box was in perfect shape…none of the problems your box exhibited. This was probably the best shipment I’ve ever received from u.c in that everything was correct, nothing missing, etc… I had been hoping they’d ship me the KH frame by mistake, but the new QC work they’ve done is evident.

On the fishing theme, I’d say that Unis are more analogous to flies than to the rods. A single rod can be pretty versatile, but you need to have just the right fly for the conditions you’re experiencing at the time. Wrong fly, things just don’t happen… :sunglasses:

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Q C ? if that means Quality Control,give me a break…my unicycle did crank grabs all the way from Georgia to Oregon.,my original KH20 pro did this too,it was highly exasperating…

When i shipped my Coker and KH,i put quarter inch slabs of wood on the insides of the box so the cranx would not bust though…

Re: Re: Re: Summit is here.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Summit is here.

jagur, you’re sleep posting again.

I agree things should be shipped in a way to keep them in original condition but a few crank grabs have done more damage than any handling abuse from shipping.

I too am enjoying the ownership of the Summit trials uni. Unfortunately I purchased mine before they were shipped with the KH saddle :(. The spokes on mine were also loose, so I took it to my LBS for some TLC. The mechanic there said that they were very loose and that he used some loctite in the nipples to keep them tight…Is that normal or recommended?

Anyway, other then the loose spokes, I’m having a couple other problems. I too have a clicking sound that won’t go away. I will try the anitseize thing sometime this week. The last problem I’m having is with rust. Living in Hawaii defiantly has it’s advantages, but it isn’t without it’s drawbacks. The salty air means that any exposed metal is subject to corrosion. Seeing as the summit is a trials uni, I feel it would be unfair (to the uni) if I didn’t let it play hard. I have a few paint chips in the frame and cranks (mostly the cranks) and they are starting to show signs of rust. What are the best and cheapest ways of preventing rust?


alright the Summit thread is back up… :slight_smile:

i gave my Summit a real pounding last night.the Luna tyre on there must be made of a harder rubber than the Monty since its not showing signs of ware like the Monty does in just a couple of rides.

Daino,did you pop off the pedal reflectors yet?those thing clicked just looking at them.