Summit vs. Monty

Which is better Summit or Bedford Monty. Once again I’m having second thoughts about which to buy. Both are available to me but I’m not sure. There both in relatively the same $ bracket, but I’ve heard the summit is heavy. If anyone has a picture of the Bedford Monty that’d be great cause I’ve never really seen a good picture. Both the 20" trials model. Any other suggestions are welcome.


Ps. Sorry for always pestering about this, but I want to make the right choice.

Get the summit for these reasons:

-Summit has a DX-32 rim rather than a Monty. The monty rime is weaker, doesn’t fit the tire as well, and tends to have spokes pull through.

-Summit has splined cranks, while from what I last saw of the bedford, it doesn’t. This means the Bedford will break eons before the summit will even begin to show wear.

-Summit has a bigger seatpost, which resists bending more.

The only reasons not to get the summit are:

-The summit’s 14lbs, 14oz, which is heavy. You’ll get used to it. I have a friend who can do 30" on his summit, so that shows the weight won’t stop you.

-The Bedford is made by Darren Bedford, who rocks!

-The summit has nubs.

Get the summit.

Perfect, I’m going with the summit. Thanks GF. Also what makes the summit so heavy. Is it the frame or the seatpost? I could easily fix, through money which ever problem it is, I think, that is if it turns out to be a problem.


Heavy, but worth the weight

But for the aforementioned reasons it is still the best bargain and the best unicycle. The frame is heavier than it needs to be, but there is some additional weight in the hub/spindle/crank assembly which is where you need the strength, and where the Summit excels. If you’re determined to lighten it up, you could probably change frames, but you would most likely also need to change seat posts and perhaps bearings, though I’m not sure about that. At any rate, my 13 y.o. boy has adjusted to the weight just fine. After a week or so you may not notice it!

You could spend a lot of money and get a KH frame if the weight really bothers you. Or you could just get a KH.

Buy the summit and if the weight bothers you upgrade. I’m guessing you won’t care.

Thanks, that sounds good. I’m surprised at the price of frames. I would have thought it was much more expensive.


Sorry my mistake, they are much more expensive. Iwas only thinking about the Nimbus II, frame. But thats suitable for trials anyway isn’t it?


the nimbus ii or Yuni frame is actualy the doggs bollocks (brittish slang for “rather good”)
in unicycling the ultimate test of “is it any good?” is “did anyone break it?”
and as far as i know nobody broke a nimbus ii frame yet.

some people always break thier seatposts, i don’t know how, ive never broken a seat post.
i suspectt it only happens to realy tall people, most of us ride trials unicycles with realy low seats, reducing the stress on the seatpost.

and the nimbus ii has a regular 22.7mm(or there abouts) seatpost, and if your a seat post bender,then it is more likeley to get bend than the oversize seatpost on summits, onzas and kh frames.
thats the only drawback.
you can however buy decent seatposts these days, like that george barnes one that takes miyatas and kh seats. so maybe it dosent matter.

the nimbus ii has cheapo bearing holders, which is actualy a realy good thing, if you break them doing grinds / crank stalls etc, then you can get a new set for next to nothing.
break the kh or summit bearing holders and you colud find yourself stuck.

buy the summit and if you decude youre a weight weenie then get a nimbus i frame, which will incedently fit the odd sized bearings on the kh/summit wheelset.

Would the nimbus frame fit the summit seatpost?


Nope, the nimbus takes a 22.7mm seat post, the summit is 27.2, I think. But then seat posts are £5 (about $10?), so not the biggest problem. Having said that, you can get lighter seatposts for the bigger size so that could lose lots of the weight advantage.
You’ll probably just get used to it.


Thats not to bad. Thanks.


Typo going on there. Should be 22.0 for the seatpost and the frames are 22.2.
If you buy a seatpost from you will find that it is now made from a heavier guage steel and is a LOT stronger.
From August the seatposts are changing to 25.4 to help with these problems. Do not worry, we will still be stocking the 22.2 seatposts.



With all the talk about how great summit unicycles are, I just have one question, where can I get one. I have been having a problem finding a website or anything. A website would be best, but a store in the Southwest would be nice too.:slight_smile:

Summit extinction

It pains me to have to tell you that the Summit is no longer available for retail sale, unless you stumble across an unsold one at a local bike shop or pick one up second hand, which is how our family aquired the two that we have.:frowning: