Summit Unicycle

Hey everyone, does anyone here sells a summit unicycle? willingly post a picture.


The Summit Trials uni’s aren’t for sale anymore, you used to be able to get them on unicycledotcom…occasionally they still pop up on ebay though…

yeah I know

check your pm’s

I’m considering selling this one.

that’s a nice unicycle, I would like one without break so yeah. But I’m not buying a new unicycle right now, I maybe buy that, I see what I do. How much do you want for it ? By the way, I live in Sweden, so how much do you think the shipping cost is ?

  • Simon

Shipping would be ALOT
UPS to Stockholm is over $200 US

and he lives like a 1000 miles from stockhom:D

How much does it weigh, and how much do you want for the uni? I may be interested in a few weeks or so.

okey, sorry I just change my mind. I will take a kh05 instead, but I like old school uniis more. Bad that they don’t sell them anymore.