Summit unicycle on ebay.

I was surfing the web and found this.

Just thought id let yall know.


I like summits

last time i bid on a summit on ebay i was outbid at the last second for 5 dollars. i bid 250 and someone else, 255. it sucked so hard.

dang… that’s one nice uni… ah wonders who’s selling it…

What hub is on a summit? How good is it?

i think the hub is something like the 2004 KH hub.

I don’t know bout the hub…but have heard that it is a great unicycle. Kinda on the heavy side but over all its great. It was kinda a copy off of the 03(?) KH unicycle. So over all i think that they are made almost alike.

need $$$

Aghh, I wish I had some money to buy that.

The hub, wheel and frame are bombproof. The hub & cranks are labelled ‘Man-O-War’ and are identical to the splined KH '04 cycles as far as I can tell. After a full year of hard trials use, I shattered the stock Wellgo pedals, chipped and rubbed off the the frame paint and destroyed the stock Viscount seat on my Summit, but everything else has lasted wonderfully. It’s an awesome starter unicycle at an awesome price.

Watch out for the ankle-eating nubs on the cranks.



Woah nice, 30$… I’d hit it.

The summit was s’posed to be a KH model but it it was turned down by Mr. Holm on account of it’s slightly “heavier than expected” weight.

The manufacturers, not expecting this had already started producing a butt-load of these so had no other choice but to market them as a “Summit” and not a KH 03 or something.

Atleast I THINK that’s how it went down…

what paypal mean?


it just hit $99. still a good deal though…

i would bid on it excepy i probly dont have the moeny in the bank but i will call them tomarrow and find out bc i need anouther uni but its at $127 but who knows i probly wont have money

i will take this opertunity to say that anyone bidding over the Reserve with 7 days to go is a compleate idiot.

who wants to place wagers against that it’ll hit $200?

Yeah, really. I’ll bet that the final bid is placed with 5 days to go.

Oh, well, you know the type of people that buy these things…

are you saying we’re impulsiv… ooh! that random item looks nice!

jk. :smiley:

im very impluseve but who cares random shit is good

excpet useless steel shoulder plates from a renaissance faire… those have no use… except maybe… UNICYCLE JOUSTING!!! NOW ALL I NEED IS AN OLD TIN BUCKET!!!