Summit Trials Uni

I just wanted to know everyones thoughts on the new Summit Trials uni.
Personally I’m torn I hate to be suporting the theft of Kris’s design. And I’m actually supprised that supports this as well by selling the uni.

At almost a pound heavier than the KH 20" this is also makes me want to just go for Kris’ uni.

But alas this unicycle is availible now, and is significantlly less expencive than the Offical Kris Holms. It also includes the same Crank Set as the KH uni. My friend is looking to get a trials uni, and we cant help but look at this uni as an option.

So where do you stand on the issue?

looks fairly good, and you can buy it now, and its cheap

if you read the text it says that these unicycles were based on a prototype frame that kris wanted improved, so its not a copy, its an earlier design.

think of it as kh uni v0.99beta and the real kh as v1.0stable

the frame won’t be as good as the “real” kh, but its probably stronger than the yuni frame.

if i wanted a trials uni now and i lived in the us then i’d seriously consider one of these.

however i reccon that the onza hub is a better design than the new kh hub. (this is of course a completly unscientific judjement based on my hypothesis that more splines are better.)
however only time will tell on this one.

and it’d be fairly cheap to upgrade the sadle to a velo.

But the Velo saddle isn’t available until December 10th, either. So he’d have to pay $48 later to get a Velo or wait until December 10th to upgrade it, and then the Kris Holm unis will be available anyway.

So it would end up being almost as much as the Kris Holm if he bought the velo, and he would have to wait as long.

But if he doesn’t want the velo saddle anyway, it doesn’t matter. :smiley:


it never occoured to me that i live in the u.k. where we already have velo saddles, and velo sadles are cheap here £30 vs £40 for a miyata.

Re: Summit Trials Uni


I think there’s more to this issue. is not going to sell a product designed by Kris and then cut him out of the loop. If they are selling these unicycles they are doing so under some sort of agreement with Kris. Otherwise it would just be bad business.

Re: Re: Summit Trials Uni

I believe it is indeed under an agreement with Kris. As per usual are doing a stirling job of looking after both customers and suppliers. John Drummond may like to expand if he has the time.

Rest assured though that you are not shafting Kris by buying the Summit from

Compared to my current unicycle the summit’s great, but compared to the KH20 I don’t like it. The frame is too ‘agricultural’ especially compared to the beautiful KH one and the colour’s not as good. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good unicycle but it doesn’t compare to the KH in looks or hubs/cranks.

I’d say that if you think you (or your friend) can afford to get the KH, then save up for it and get it. Then you’ll have an amazing unicycle that you probably won’t want to ever replace. The KH isn’t that much more expensive.

I suppose it really depends on how hard you or your friend will be riding it but just look at the KH!’s beautiful.


The hub/cranks are EXACTLY the same in quality and strength.

When you buy the Summit, Kris gets the same royalties as he does when you buy a KH, so you will not hurt his buisiness by buying a Summit and not a KH.

Whoops, my mistake. I thought the KH had the Profile setup but that wouldn’t really fit in with the price would it. Sorry about that. I still like the KH for looks at least and I’d personall take the extra time to save up and get it.