Summit Trials Uni on Ebay

I’m selling my old trials unicycle on Ebay. It’s basically a Summit unicycle with a nice saddle on top. Check it out:


see everybody,its not mine…lol

how much do you think it will go for?

I’m thinking $200

Does anyone have an idea of the shipping costs to the uk?

How is the Miyata saddle attached? What kind of seatpost is that?

I was just thinking that…

forget it dude.

It’s as good as mine

Hey all,

Shipping to the UK… probably too much. If you want to check, go to and check the rate from US zip code 84110 to wherever you’re at.

I’m guessing I’ll probably get about $200 out of this unicycle, but I’d be happy with $150 if it were going to a good home.:slight_smile:

The Miyata saddle is attached with 7/8" nuts and bolts. The seatpost is the stock Summit seatpost, so I had to drill out some new holes in the saddle base to accommodate it. Except for the inherent flexiness in the plastic Miyata seat base, the whole thing is pretty solid.


no doubt your going to get $150 for that uni,but could i ask out of pure curiousity why you are letting that CNC handle go and not just transfering it to another uni?


My new trials set-up is going to use a Sem Deluxe saddle with a Reeder handle. It wasn’t possible to fit that Wilder handle on the new seat base.