Summit Trials For Sale on eBay

HI everybody,

I have decided to sell my much loved Summit Trials because I just do not ride it very often any more. It is posted on eBay (Item number: 280026825819).

This Summit has been re-worked in many ways to make it an awesome trials unicycle. The frame has been sandblasted and powdercoated black. The cranks are the old-style Kris Holms (original on the Summits) but these cranks have had the “numbs” at the crank bolts machined off. The cranks, axel and pedals are straight. The pedals are Snafu. The tire is an almost-new Creepy Crawler. The seat is custom made and has a regular, Miyata style, carbon-fiber base. This is an excellent, virtually indestructible unicycle. The wheel and bearings are in great shape. It has served me very well.

The unicycle has numerous scratches (see the photos) but, after all, is a used trials unicycle.

Buyer pays a set postage/shipping of $25.00 for delivery in the contiguous United States. Additional postage/shipping charges outside of the contiguous U.S. Insurance is additional should the buyer desire.

E-mail questions to

This should be in the FOR SALE section. Either you can’t read, or you were in a hurry;) .

I think that it is actually called “Trading Post.” None-the-less, have you ever noticed how many (few) people are viewing the “Trading Post?” Besides, it is an auction;)

oooooooo preeetttyyyyy


The shipping is quoted in your ebay ad as $7.19, yet in the forum post you say $25. :thinking:

Link for you guys

About the shipping, I believe that I made a mistake when I posted the weight. I estimated that the UPS shipping wcould be about $25. I’ve got to try to fix it on the auction. I don’t want to rip-off anybody with some s/h fee. I’ll happily charge whatever the eventual (actuall) shipping is.

Okay, I think that I’ve fixed the s/h snafu on the eBay site. Thanks for the heads-up. Buyer pays actual shipping and I fixed the weight issue that makes the estimated s/h cost a little more realistic. I mistakenly had the shipping listed as a letter rather than a large box. My mistake, sorry.

Also, I have added a “buy it now” option for $250. Just the seat alone is worth more than half that!


First of all, I don’t like the sound of this. Second of all, let me tell the interested uniers that this Summit is saturated with excellent Uni-karma.

Since you’ve only been on this planet a brief time, I’m sure you don’t realize you’re ragging on the honorable Grandmaster 2T.

“Be as water” young grasshopper.