summit trials any good?

well im thinking about buying the one from pdc. is this better than the qu-ax trials? or which one is better? all help appreciated. need answers quick.

The summit is heavier but its really good. pdc’s comes with a viscount seat and reeder handle which is a really good seat set up.

As for which is stronger 03KH or quax, I don’t think anyone knows and anything people tell you will be an opinion/assumption.

I didnt get to ride on a summit for that long, maybe for about a week, but it is freakin solid! The thing is a tank.

Dont mind the weight, it something youll get used to very quickly.

Hub wise, from what I felt and noticed doing drops and gaps, the KH hub on there is stronger than the Qu-Ax hub, the cranks though, are about same strength, but are very strong, and you shouldnt worry about breaking either the hub or cranks.

I have never heard of the Summit frame giving anyone problems, unless you are extremly worried about weight, but it is one beefy heavy frame, and I think it looks cool.

Now hurry up and go buy PDC’s uni, its about time someone did.

I agree, dont take what I said to be 100% percent accurate, it is just from how each uni felt as I rode and used it.

Yeah, Summit frames are awesome. They are probably one of the strongest frames out there, the weight reflects that that though.

Get pdc’s summit.

How the heck can you tell that just by riding it? Because you did the drop, and they didn’t break?

Lol,it wasnt just one drop, it was a lot of drops and trials lines, and a few 5 sets, then we got told to leave the building area, so we couldnt do anything else with the stairs, but continued with the trials and downtown riding.

The KH just felt a lot stiffer, and more stable then the Qu-Ax did.

EDIT: I already told the OP that I only got to ride the summit for about a week, and a few posts below that I stated to not take everything I have put to be 100% accurate, and I was just going from my riding experience and comparison of them.

Ok, I understand that. But, how can the Summit/KH cranks feel stiffer? The Qu-Ax cranks don’t bend, or wobble, they are just as stiff as the Summit cranks.

Nor, for that matter, could the rest of the uni feel stiffer unless say, the Qu-ax seat was broken, or something else was broken, because normally when you ride, nothing bends or gives, it’s all “stiff”.

Nothing was broke on either uni, and its true about what you said about the uni being stiff and whatnot, because both KH and Qu-Ax make great solid equipment. It was just a feeling from riding the KH, it just felt more stable then the Qu-Ax, which was probably factored by the amount of weight there is on the Summit.

Now that I think about it, how many Qu-Ax riders are out there? I have only heard of a few, and the Qu-Ax setup is really a great set-up.

All of the parts of a unicycle will flex a bit. If more metal is used it will flex less and be harder to break or bend.

The metal can also be made harder and will be harder to flex, but the trade-off is it will be easier to break and not bend or flex.

I think usually more metal is used or the part is formed into a stronger shape, and the metal not made harder.

What about Onza?
Onza Trials: 6 kg.
Qu-ax Spindled Trials: 6.55 kg.

i have the kh summit and the only thing i dont like about is the weight and the cranks are horrible. they come loose alot.

Isn’t the quax hub and crankset like the same design as torker dx?

They both seem to be really strong from what I have heard/seen.

Your cranks were bent/twisted right? How did you do that?

Your cranks were bent/twisted right? How did you do that?

Not really, yes they are similar but I’ve heard that 03 KH cranks fit the qu-ax hub and vice versa, the Torker DX cranks don’t fit on the qu-ax hub.

Oh, I thought I read somewhere that one of them stole the design from the other…maybe not.

just rideing it hard. going like big drops and some ok sized cases. nothing to big though. i thing i mess up the most is peadls im costenly braking them but thats not the kh thats just me. any ideas on some nice pedles.

The Summit Trials is virtually bulletproof. I’ve dealt with PDC before and you’ll be getting a great uni from him! He’s very trustworthy:)

Odesey Jim Celkinani (no idea on spelling) are pretty good. So I’ve heard, they’re great.

I sure like mine!:smiley: