Summit shim missing...

Well I painted my summit frame and I took the shim out of it then it got lost. The neck is bigger than 27.2 so at the moment I can’t put a seat on it. Is there a place that sells that shim? I don’t even know the OD of it, I think its around 29mm. I am still hoping to find it somewhere but I want to know my options if it’s lost forever.

dans comp sells shims

I know, but they don’t have the right size, the biggest OD they have is for a 27.2 post and that is smaller than the summit. I already have a 27.2-22.2 shim that I was using inside of the other shim in the summit. I was thinking about gluing some pieces of soda cans to the 27.2 shim I already have but I am using that same shim in my muni also.


woah, didnt know that the summit frame was quite so overly beafy.
um, my suggestion is to hit up your local scrap metal merchant and see if they have some pipe (you might luck out, you never know) and chances are that if they have your size, they will give you some (for a couple of dollars maybe)

i dunno if that will help you, just a suggestion to get you started.
you could always re-trace your steps until you manage to find it yo

they saythat you learn somthing every day…well i want 2 learn somthing 2day

what is a shim

Im quite sure its the same shim as what comes with koxx frames, try or anywere else that sells koxx frames.

talk to bedford…maybe he has one…or go to a machine shop in your area and get one custom made.

I was thinking about asking him but I didn’t think he ever had summits, I thought it was only UDC so I didn’t think he would have a shim that doesn’t fit any unis he carries. I will ask anyway though.

Dorfman: this kind of shim is a round pipe looking piece of metal that goes inside the seat post tube that lets you use a smaller diameter seatpost. I think the summit takes a 29.something tube so then they put a shim in it to allow it to take a 27.2 shim then I put another shim inside that that let me put in a 22.2 post.

im pretty sure the summit is 27.2mm…i dont think its quite as big as 29mm.

Yep the Summit IS over 27.2 and is shimmed down to fit 27.2.


A 29mm seatpost will fit (with some coaxing), but it’s extremely snug.

just use a couple of soda can shims.
they’re cheap and they’re not hard to make.

How did you paint it? Did you have it “powder-blasted” first, or did you sand the old paint off? What kind of paint did you use, and did you “bake it” in the oven?

I just used spray paint. I put on primer and stuff. The paint was taken off with paint stripper (done by Evan a long time ago). I know it will get bashed up and will look like crap soon but thats ok.

That looks like the same thing, but I can’t find anywhere where they sell the shim separate.