Summit seatpost clamp

Where can you get a Summit seatpost clamp? Neither Bedford, UDC, or all the distributors my bike shop have called has them.

Thank you,

I think it’s just a regular 2 Bolt, 27.2mm seatpost clamp. Did you ask Darren if he had a Summit specific seatpost clamp, or if he had a 27.2mm 2 bolt clamp? Im pretty sure just a standard 27.2 mm would work.

I called Darren as well, and I believe it is a 30.7mm. I Darren didn’t have them, nor UDC or the LBS. I don’t know how to get one. I was lucky that the guy I bought my Summit from sent me the original.

I found one. I got it yesterday actually. I measured the seat-tube with some calipers, and I think it was 31.9 mm. But my bike shop guy said he ordered another. It fits anyway. It was made by Pizzazz. I’ll ask the exact size tomorrow.


let me know if you need another one. I have one and it will only cost $5

$15 dollars shipping

Nope, but thanks Jag. Coming from Oregon I wouldn’t expect it any other way. :smiley:


Glad you found one. All I remember was that it was some whacked-out size that noone had.

Edit: Silly prototype unicycles. *tsk

I want a quick release for my summit, will a salsa 30.0mm fit it?