Summit. QUICK

Hi, my dad is giving me the opportunity to order the Summit for Christmas. He wants to do it tonight! So if you can please respond with feedback on wether or not I should. It looks good, and sounds good. I think I should. If I shouldn’t, throw me suggestions. Thanks!

-SpYdeR v1o
David K.

(I’m back.):slight_smile:

Which Summit? Brand name alone only serves as a rough indicator of what you’re getting. It might have side-bolt lolipop bearings (bad) or main cap style. It migh have a Savage-style seat (bad) or something better.

Is it in a bike shop?

I assume it’s the Summit Trials Uni.

Get it! Just get it from so KH isn’t left out of the loop too much.

Someone needs to put some abuse on the splined Summit hub and report back with a review.

Nope, the one on [link]

I say get it!


yes. get it.

its probably the best trials uni for the monney.

Not a bad price. Still, if you can sqeaze $100 more out of Dad, consider the $400 KH trials cycle; the sadle, sloped crown and 1 lb. in weight difference easly make it worth the cost difference, to me. After riding Tommy’s Wilder/Fireball set up, I’m a big fan of lighter cycles for trials.


I had a chance to ride the summit yesterday, my friend just got his. Its kinda heavy, (compaired to my ride United with Monty set up) but its deffenatlly a good ride.

I say get it. you can always upgrade the seat later. And in the mean time you have a sweet uni.

Ordered it! And I’m damn happy. I can’t wait! Thanks everyone!