summit? or Trials? im new.

i have a orange uni that says “summit” along the side. my friend has a uni that he calls a trials, but is exactly the same, mine just has a sticker. i was just wondering wha the difference is, if anyone knows.

Trials is a style in unicycling, jumping, balancing, dropping.
While Summit is a unicycle brand that is good for trials. He calls it his trials unicycle because it is the unicycle he uses for trials.

Rusty, Norway

ok so i have a summit, but then what does he have. his looks exactly like mine, and he was telling me something ab out how the one i have is som prototype for what he has. i guess im allittle confused about that part. and thanks for replying!

The Summit was an early edition of what became the KH (Kris Holms).

I, too, have a Summit (as do many of our club members). Count yourself lucky. Great ride.