Summit or Onza Trials?

Whats better, a summit or an new onza?


The Onza, its stronger.

Re: Summit or Onza Trials?

you cant buy a summit anymore…


I have an Onza trials that I bought at the end of 2002. I haven’t ridden any other trials unicycles (and barely made use of my own), so I can’t compare.

I can bring mine to the mid-July New York Unicycle Club meeting (I am going to miss this Sunday’s meeting because I will be away on vacation). Also, maybe we can convince jediunicyclist (hey, where’v’ya been?) to come to the mid-July meeting. He has a Summit trials. You can compare.

Lastly, as of the Unithon (a few weeks ago), David Ramos had a beautiful Summit trials for sale.

The new Onza is definitely stronger than the old Summit trials…and you can’t even buy a Summit trials anymore, so. but I think the old Onza would be about the same strength as the Summit.