Summit on ebay

i like that colour :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s TWO days and change left on the auction! WAIT until at least the last few hours to bid; bidding now will just make the price go up, as kenny siad.:slight_smile:

I told him to bid ten minutes before it ends, and if he can’t be there to bid I’m gonna get his password and do it for him, cause I really want my uni back :smiley:

So if you get outbid, you could still buy a NEW trials, like a torker or qu-ax, because chances are that the summit’s winning bid will be at least $250, about the same as a new qu-ax, which is a very good splined uni.

At this point we are pretty much hoping for a miracle, otherwise it will probably be another month or three of him using mine.

y not just tell him to get a bedford…or a norco…theres no point in telling terry not to bid…he has the money and is porbly gonna bid sommore.

I’m not telling him to I’m asking, also this is the first time that he has actualy tried to buy one and I really want to make a kangaroo but I don’t wanna be a dick and take away his only way to unicycle.

You can change it back you know. Just flip the one crank back around.

I know but it will take a while to learn, and afterwords my dad said he would show me how to rebuild a wheel, and I would like to do it with that uni because its my worst.

I was the first bidder on this hoping no one would notice and I’d get a deal…
Now that it’s the title of a thread everyone and their dog is going to bid on it!

Please don’t advertse ebay findings it makes it hard for someone to get a great deal.

I agree but I also check ebay on a regular basis, so I would understand why some people might do it.

hey victory maybe you will get lucky and you will just happen to get the last bid in! or you kno what would be funny…if someone whos never even riden a uni and the summit would be their first gets it…lol.

If you have broadband do it with under a minute left… :sunglasses:

It’s funny how ppl start the bidding war so early on in the auction only driving up the overall price… I usually like to stay silent giving a false sense of security to the other guy then take it right at the end.

ntappin just so you know I’m done bidding on it… I hope yr friend gets it.

If my friend doesn’t get it I really hope that it is a first unicycle for someone. I think that beginner unicyclists should get the good deals as it gives them a nice little push into the unicycle world. (providing they know how good a deal they are getting of course)

Thanks I appreciate it, you are doing a good deed towards the ottawa unicycle society.:smiley:


that auction is messed up…who-ever the ebay bidder “fuctupuni” is, they have no feedback, its a new account and they just drove the price up by a hundred bucks…sound fishy?

i would not bid untill the seller cancels those bids and if you happen to be the high bidder now and dont hear from the seller it would be wise to cancell yours.

I have one in that or better condition I’ll sell for less than that.

I just noticed that too, It’s also going for crazy high now. I know it’s a good uni but I didn’t think anyone would go that high for it. If they want it that bad they can have it.

Those are legitimate bids from Fuctupuni…that is my friend. he needed a new account so he started that one.

but yeah don’t be turned off because of the bids they are real. but he has sense given up sense the bidding went to 300. 300 was his max he was willing to pay, and it was the most his wife would let him spend LOL


PS> i’m new here.

I hope the guy who thought something was “fishy” doesn’t thing YOU in on it since YOU just joined this forum! :astonished: I don’t think that.


no seriously i have been reading these forums for the past couple of weeks. My friend (TJ aka Fuctupuni) got a Nimbus X and i tried it and got addicted. so i bought one of my own and started to research and found this site. sense then we have been riding and doing more trials then freestyle and we are both looking for trials uni’s. I only actually joined the forums so i could tell you that we weren’t tryingt o scam you all. We aren’t mean people even though the name “fuctupuni” isn’t exactly pleasent LOL

I saw this post, and told him about it sense he has money and i am currently broke. He said he would place the bid but wouldn’t go over 300 cause he doesn’t see the point on spending so much on a used uni. So he has given up on the summit and me and him are gonna go to next week and pick up a new KH or Quax (he hasn’t decided…) we live about 30 minutes from’s warehouse, so we just drive there…that how we got our Nimbus’ :slight_smile:

But yeah we are for real and weren’t trying to just suck more money out of who ever is top bid right now :wink:

Take care guys.


PS. i will be buying a new Uni this month or next can’t decide…either a KH or anything…i have pretty much learned that KH seems to be the way to go. I come from the car community and will probably just get my car painter to re paint the frame just so i’m not like everyone else with a blue KH.