Summit on ebay

hmmm… my friend might bid on that one

Where in the ebay ad does it referto this uni as a “Summit”???

dude it doesnt really need to. you should jsut be able to tell that its a summit.

Ok, that’s settled. But just to let you know, I’m a noob and have never seen a Summit before, and so before I posted, I searched the web (including UDC) trying to find that brand but there were no pics anywhere that I could find! Could you please post a link, if you can find one, that shows a summit, preferably a new one with specs and price, other than the one on ebay?

Btw, what do you all think it would sell for (in that configuration) brand new? Thanks!:smiley:

Hi Terry,

The Summit was a pre-production trials (20" wheelset) unicycle designed by Kris Holm. Since they were a limited pre-production run, they are not made anymore, and a very limited number of unused ones are floating around, sometimes appearing on eBay.

The story I’ve heard (search the forum for further details) is that the first Summits were produced and shipped before Kris okayed them. They were a bit heavier than what Kris wanted, so they were renamed “Summit” and sold under that name instead. They are extremely rugged, and when they show up on eBay, they usually go for a price cheaper than comparable name-brand unicycles. The wheelset is identical to the '03 KH trials unicycle, and the replacement parts are interchangeable.

it is one hell of a uni ill tell ya that…though it is quite heavy…but alot of people have them and love tham.

If you’re a noob, maybe you should not be so quick to question people’s knowledge, and don’t use so many question marks! One is enough, people, seriously.

hey be nice.

No need to get defensive, and I wasn’t “questioning” yours or anyone’s “Knowledge”, ok? www.calm down. I’m here to learn and have a good time. Sorry you misinterpreted my meaning. No worries on this end. I’m just kickin’ back loving every minute of it! And go to the top post and see “krashin kenny’s” quote: << If you ain’t crashing, you ain’t going fast enough!!!>>
Are you offended by his numerous exclamation points??? I’m not; not at all. Have a relaxed day, dude.:smiley: :sunglasses: :roll_eyes: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :astonished:


Hi Entropy!

Thanks for the detailed info! That’s really helpful and I will probably bid on it. Speaking of weight, how much heavier do you think it is than, say, as qu-ax, or an onza trials? Btw, I hope to join you guys for the next SBuni outing! Do you know when that might be? Thanks!

un fortunately it is quite heavy as i said earlier…maybe a pound or 2 heavier that the qu-ax…but you ride a dx 24" right? so it shouldnt be too bad for you:)

That is true, I do ride a dx 24", mostly for muni, so I thought it would be nice to have a decent trials uni that would probably be as good or better than a torker dx 20" trials, or qu-ax, but less $$ from ebay. Do you think that trials would still be easier even though it might be as heavy as my 24"? :thinking:

you can get used to the weihgt very quickly…it is an excelent uni for trials. and when you get a little more money you can buy a different trials frame that lighter.

Please don’t bid on it My friend has been bidding on it like crazy. He doesn’t have a unicycle and he doesn’t have much money, plus I’m sick of him using mine (he has my freestyle at his house for over four months)

Thanks! SHould I refer to you as “Trials_uni”, 'cause I can’t find your name?

Terry, I’ve owned a Summit Trials before and although they are heavier than some other trials uni’s that are now available, they are not to be considered “pigs” and are virtually indestructible! Just to give you an idea of what to expect to pay for this item, the Summit that I bought off ebay was pristine and cost me $300 without shipping. I noticed that the seller is somewhere in California, so shipping may not be too expensive. Good luck!!! :slight_smile: :smiley:

Tell your friend to stop bidding for now and wait until the deadline is almost up. All he’s doing by constantly bidding now is driving the price up :roll_eyes:

I did, but if it gets any higher I doubt he will be able to afford it :stuck_out_tongue: