Summit on Ebay

Item number: 3663513901

The last one this guy sold I bid $202. It sold for $210. I recieved an offer the next day to buy another one for my bid. I did this and everything worked out. The seatpost was long enough. I am 6 ft tall. I thought I would need to order a longer seatpost, but the frame goes up higher than my Torker.

that is one nice unicycle…shame i can’t afford it :frowning:

For all you people looking for a trials cycle, this is one to look at. For the price, I don’t think you can find one any stronger. I have one, and I recommend it.

Very strong
Common hub and cranks (plenty of info online)

Viscount seat (comfy and strong, but no handle)


I don’t see how the nubs bother you guys. Its impossible for them to hit my ankles as they are too far away. I put the ball of my foot over the center of the pedal. I wear size 11 shoes. Unless you have really small feet I don’t see how you can hit your ankles.

So did anyone who reads this win that auction? -Eric

Wow. I’m glad I got mine for $202.

I was watching it, but I didn’t want to spend over $202.00

Maybe there will be a next time. --chirokid–

e-bay summitt

:frowning: I did bid on it. Was the high bidder at 222.50 up until the last 3 minutes when someone got it for 230.00. I was a bit bummed since I wanted it for my son before Moab.

He may give you an offer to sell another one to you for your high bid. That’s how i got mine from him.

That’d be great! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I won one earlier this year…Keep looking - it seems like the seller has a big stock of 'em.