Summit just painted. pics.

Here’s 2 pics of my Summit that I just finished painting. First I had the frame stripped to bare metal, then wet-sanded, 3 coats primer, 4 coats enamel, then baked in my oven at 250 degrees for 20 minutes, removed and cooled with cold water. Nice scratch resistant result! Assembled and took pics. I also added a KH lift handle to the standard viscount seat that came with the Summit, and painted that and the rear bumper with matching paint. This in addition to also having the cranks coated, and working 2 jobs…all in one day! I’m tired!:stuck_out_tongue:

wow, thats rather beautiful. if I ever got mine painted, I either want it yellow or green…probably green.

That is fly dude…

Thats pretty awesome. I just painted my summit too, you did it better though, I didn’t bake it or anything and if it hits anything it takes off a chunk of paint. I won’t be riding it until I get a new shim though…Wow, I got off track. I like how the frame matches the bumper and handle. :wink:

Thanks you guys. I wasn’t sure about painting the bumpers, but leaving them black, with no contrast to the saddle, made it just look like a really long saddle! If I get tired of the plain yellow, I might get some of that textured spray paint, like is used on refrigerators, and “spreckle” it with black, leaving the yellow as a background. I don’t know. Time to ride! Tomorrow is Muni in Ojai!!!:smiley:

You can ride by Evan with his broken arm and make him jealous :wink:

i think yellow pedals would complete the look.

i dint think it was possible…but that summit is more beautiful than the origional.

old/new comparison

here’s another look at the original for comparison. (the saddle was temporary, so that doesn’t count. :stuck_out_tongue: ) I guess they both look pretty good in their own way.

I do like your paint job, but me, personally…I’m more partial to the red.

If I had to change, though, I do love your color choice. Reminds me of a perfectly ripe banana.

I added a little “lightening bolt” so it wouldn’t look so plain. I made it with black packing tape, so if I don’t like it later I can take it off without damaging the paint. But it’s sticking on there real good right now. What do you think?:stuck_out_tongue:

Thats pretty nice. I think some black flame stickers from Darren would look pretty nice on there too.

Where can I get those? :thinking: (Darren?)

Darren Bedford, Bedford Unicycles. Just give him an email.

Here are some orange flames on my old trials uni.

Oh wow that is KICK ASS COOL! Love it.:smiley:

that looks so cool, im jeleous :angry: just a question, did you put a kh handle on that seat or was it originaly like that?

No, I had to fit it in there by removing the old front bumper tabs, then drilling 4 holes for the kh handle. fits really good.

that is a cool color

yea, If I ever have 2 repaint my KH trials frame I think ill paint it hot pink or something. I like the yellow though.