Summit Cranks?

Are these Man O War cranks stock on a Summit. Other Summits have similar cranks without the brand name on them.
Are they the same, better, worse?


They look pretty similar to the KH cranks. Sorry if I’m being stupid but they might be stickers on a KH crankset.


Search it, yo. There been threads on this before. :smiley:

Thanks for the help:D

Here’s an old thread from way back discussing Summits:

Can I see a full shot of the uni showing the complete white frame? I’m going for white for my new custom muni frame.


PDC…are you the winner of the summit from krashin kenny??

Haha, I clicked that link looking forward to a read about my own uni’s history, a Summit, and low and behold I started that thread. I got mine almost exactly a year ago and love it, i think it was the one I was talking about their. I think Man-O-War was just put on the KH cranks in an effort to differentiate them from the KH’s, cause they are the exact same, it could be an effort to not look like complete rip-off’s too. So what is the real Summit story I’ve been wondering for a while. I’ve heard rip-off and prototype (Roger)?



Andrew, here it is in all it’s beauty: