Summit 20" Trials uni for sale on Ebay

Little bit of self advertising here, just wanted to let everyone know that im selling my used summit on Ebay. The auction will go until Sunday the 13th. I wont waste time describing it here, just read the listing.

Summit 20" Trials Unicycle

The bidding starts at 99 cents!

If you have any questions, either post them here or email me from the auction page.

Why are you selling?
Don’t say you’ve given up :astonished:

No Way!!! Im buyin myself a new KH20 from Darren as soon as I sell the Summit :smiley:

Many people have emailed me asking if I will ship to Canada, so although the auction says “ships to United Stats only”, I will be willing to ship to Canada as long as the buyer pays all additional shipping charges.

My neighbor’s gonna win it. just you wait.

Last chance!


I should have won it for $2.

$230.00!!! :astonished:
How much do summits retail?

They don’t. The last of them were sold a while back.

the summits are like collector items they were the test for the kh’s and well are very nice and have history. Also that one looks liek it was in a glass box doesnt look like it has a scratch or anything

There was only 400 of them made :astonished: , and only about a month ago, I managed to get a brand new one. I think I must’ve gotten the last one (#400 :smiley: ) because no one ever hears about new ones anymore.



I got my summit for $190 with shipping in that price. It came with a viscount though but so far I think I got the best deal. It was also never used.

oh and brock can you make more meaningfull post? Dont reply to this thread about it either you can pm me if you have a problem.


So which one of you Kiwis wanted that thing.


ya i got a summit when they first came out. when it got here i thought i got the wrong one but i didnt care it was sweet anyway. until now i haddnt known it was only a tester for KH20.
Is there a big weight difference in them or anything of that sort? so there wre only 400 of them made. how many actual KH20’s wre made?:smiley: