Summit 20'(KH seat)

anyone who owns this, is it worth 249? and why? :thinking:

I don’t own one, but I have seen them in action and they are a bargain at $249. There were a lot of them at NAUCC this year at the trials event. I seen harper do a 3 foot drop with his. They look to be well made also.

Here is the link to the vid of Greg trialsin his Summit.


Lol, Harper couldn’t break a cottered crank schwinn… But yes it’s a very good uni. Good hub, A little on the heavy side but that’s not too bad. And it’s really cheap for a trials uni. I have probably done a 4 foot drop and not hurt the uni at all, 21" jumps then dropping the uni after failed attempts and all it’s got is scratched paint. If you’re looking for a trials uni this is a run for your money.

Well i bought the uni…when it gets here we’ll see how it worked out, hopefully well…it seems awesome for the price but ah well. Please god be what i want.

if memory serves i think Harper has a KH 20.i can see the white Kris Holm label on the fork blade in that video.

That could be, as they do look a lot a like. But I think they both use the same wheel, or does one have black spokes??

I’ve seen some pics of you and Steve rolling off of picnic tables with one also.

later… Joe

yeah the KH has the black spokes,and its one of the few cases where i think silver looks better.the Summit i had looked nice with the siver spokes against the black hub and rim.

this reminds me,Fluffinater007.sometimes the spokes on a Summit come a little loose and need to be retightend (sp?) So feel them and use a spoke wrench to tighten the loose ones.

Yah the KH20 has black spokes a tiny bit different frame and a longer seat post, but other than that they are the same i think. And yes i also have seen Sir Jagur and ?unibrier? (i think) abuse a summit (again i think) and when i saw it in oregon i fell in love:D and soon i will have a love of my own.

loose spokes eh?? well i have noooo f**cking clue how to tighten a spoke or where to get a spoke wrench so ill just either start a thread asking how or goto a local bike shop but thanks for the heads up on that…

Why do all my local bike shops suck sooooo much, all the workers are incompetent and do not bike themselves i hate it, unlike the bike palace i visited in salem the workers and atmosphere were amazing and they had a like a obstacle labyrinth in the basement they let me try the uni on before my purchase.

there is a couple of threads concerning Summit owners having to re-tighten their spokes right out of the box.if you do a search your bound to turn up a thread or two.

I really wouldn’t buy anything from a bike shop, if the owner isn’t a biker too. Unless I really know what I need. At least here there are good shops and the owners really are biking freaks. So they usually can help me, even with unicycles.

So how much abuse as in drops and such can this thing take?? And will it help with hopping u think?

tons,you only weigh like 120 pounds,right?

it will hurt you before you hurt it,just make sure none of those spokes are super loose.

Although ill admit I’m quite scrawny i weigh 140 - 150 pounds in my current state…prolly 150. Will it make a difference?

nope,not a bit of long as everything is put together right and tight.

hopefully i can do that, just yesterday i realized my giraffe was together wrong, i got it together correctly and now its soooo much better, much tighter chain.

I recently bought a Summit, and it’s serving me beautifully. The day I got it my friend Nick (shadowuni) took it off a 3.5-4 foot drop and I’ve been doing similar stuff on it for a while, and it shows only one sign of excessive use: the splined cranks have started to squeak a little. I seem to remember hearing something about splined cranks naturally doing that, too. It’s extremely sturdy and the tire/seat/pedals all are very nice. Sure, it’s slightly heavy, but that’s not serious. If it’s got one weakness, it’s a seat post that could be too short for some. If you’re 6’3’’, this might not be the one for you … until you get a replacement seat post (make sure it’s the right width, though). All in all, I’d say it’s a steal at 249$, especially talking the KH seat it comes with into consideration.
Oh, and anyone got any tips on those squeaky cranks? Tightening it doesn’t seem to do much … is this acceptable?

Yes. Get some anti-seize and put it on the splines and put it on the crank bolt threads. Tighten the crank bolts up and the squeaking should be gone. My post in this thread goes into a little more detail. The crank bolts on splined cranks like KH and Profile need to be tight and the only way to get them tight enough is to use anti-seize.

So I read the other thread, and am now confused (surprise). I had been thinking that Loctite and anti-sieze were two different things…one a glue, and one a lubricant. Am I wrong? Is my little red bottle of Loctite a bottle of anti-sieze in disguise?

Anti-seize and threadlocker are different things. The Loctite Corporation makes both anti-seize and threadlocker. Their threadlocker is often called “Loctite” when the proper name should actually be “Loctite Threadlocker”. Loctite Corporation makes lots of stuff besides just threadlocker. Ain’t they great?