Summit 20-inch trials

Can you guys tell me what experiences you’ve had with this unicycle…I’m thinking about getting one, I would like to see if its worth it.:slight_smile:

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I just got mine last week. Over all it’s a very good uni at a good price. It is very similar to the KH20, but there are a few differences. The main difference is that it’s 12 ounces heavier then the KH. Mine came with a viscount saddle, which I find comfortable, but the lack of a handle makes hopping difficult. The summit’s sells now comes with the KH saddle. Some people have complained about the bit that sticks out from the hub about a quarter inch. I haven’t had too many problems with it. Over all I like the cycle, but I just wish it was lighter.

Hope that helped.
If you ahve any more specific questions, just ask.

I have the KH 20" trials, which has the same wheelset as the Summit. Its awesome, there has been more maintenance with it than most of my unis, but I guess thats because of what kind of use it gets (3-4 foot drops, 5-6 stairs).
And I’m glad I got it, because I would have alot of ruined unis if I didn’t.

It looks like the Summit had a price drop($329 down to $249), I dont know the reasons, but that seems like a heck of a deal. They are even adding a KH seat instead of a Viscount.

i just got practically the same wheel build (in the uk) as on the KH20 - KH hub, KH cranks, Monty rim, onza tyre, 12 gaugue spokes and its awesome. i’ve had no problems with the knobbly bits on the cranks and the fact they are staight makes everything so much easier.

i say go for it! but if your prepared to pay extra i would becasue the KH frame is v nice!:smiley:


Sorry to Hijack this thread, but I have a few questions that I don’t feel warrant a brand new thread. At least the question relate to the Summit.

I wanted to know exactly what size screw I should replace the original screws on the bumper with. After a little more then 3 hours of riding, my screws are all coming undone.

The other question is how good is the tire it comes with. I have no experience with tires of this size (huge width). It seems that the tire folds very quickly. I’m not sure what pressure I’m running, but it doesn’t seem like it’s too low. If I run the pressure any higher, the tire is too hard to hop on. Is it worth it to switch tires? If so, what should I replace it with? Does the Summit frame fit the Monty?

Even with these problems, I feel like the Summit is a good solid uni at a very good price.


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The tire that you have is actually stiffer than a monty… you might want to
try some more pressure.


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hmmmm…? in this thread

you said you already ordered one?

Yes i just ordered it tonight and i posted that 2 days ago…

well i started that thread 2 days ago…

oh i see,its this thread thats 2 days old,i see…carry on.

If you’re asking about a Viscount saddle, use the screws from I don’t know what size they are, but they’re apparently just what you need. If you don’t want to wait, I’ve heard you just “go to the next larger size” which applies to sheet metal screws. Just don’t get longer ones. Off to the hardware store…