Summers Riding Video

Hey all, I was bored yesterday afternoon so instead of doing maths I put together all the clips that I & my friends filmed over the summer. Its called (predictably) “Summers Riding”, and you can view it in my gallery:


There aren’t any credits, so here are the details:

Shot on location at Burton Dasset Country Park, Stratford Upon Avon, Leamington Spa, Warmington, Uffculme, Gadon Hill and The Action Center (North Shore) nr Bristol.

Riders Appearing (in order of appearance): Richard Lewis (me), Rupert Millard (rupert), David Marshall (kington99), Alex Smout, Matthew Packer, Amanda Gallacher (amanda.gallacher)

Music is ‘Little Britain’ by Dreadzone.


That was a terrific video that I really enjoyed. Great composition and excellent editing. The music went perfectly with it. Some of the videos that I’ve seen on the forums I’ve gotten bored with halfway through watching them. This one, I was left wanting more. Great job.

I’m in another uni video and I didn’t even know it! And i filmed alot of it, on my camera! But hey, i think it’s the best yet to come from our stable, I loved the chilled out vibe, very different to most trials/mountain videos. I guess we’re going to have to get some more stuff together now for the next one, with the imminent arrival of new equipment (might have come already actually) the quality should jump dramatically, expect never before seen footage of one of Britain’s highest mountains.

Wonderful. Very casual yet upbeat music and just plain fun riding.

not the best riding.

but I think it was one of them “feel good movies” that you just enjoy watching.

Lol, of course it’s not the best riding, it it were we’d be the best riders and you’d all know who we were :smiley:

ya, I also loved your guy’s video! I was wondering, what program do you use to put the vid together? Cause, I’m thinking about making one once I can actually do some tricks. Also, I thought that the trials part in the video was awesome.

Cheers for the kind words! The riding isn’t even close to the best seen on this forum, but then its cool that you all still enjoy it. I wanted to put across the general riding of a group over the summer. Also we don’t film all that much of our stuff (too busy riding!), so our best stuff doesn’t usually make it to film.

Tyler, I use Premiere Pro (not legally obtained), which is very technical but I’m very computer literate so I can get to grips with it fairly readily. You might be better off with something like windows movie maker to start with, I’ve seen excellent videos put together with that, and it does things I wish premiere pro would do!


nice video. even though thats not my style, i liked watching it a lot.

…and i think…i…love amanda. not sure tho.

Very Nice, you guys are getting really good if I do say so myself. Nice job on the video editing too by the way Loosemoose.

nice video


You did a good job putting it together. It actually has shots instead of being just a bunch of clips slapped together.

Yeah we deff. worked on some of the shots, particularly the multiple rider ones, as being compositions rather than just a shot of a trick. Incidentally, the shot of the four of us riding one after another down (1:53) took so many takes, it’s not difficult to ride, just so much harder when trying to sync with other people, and if you look rupert falls off just as he goes out of shot at the end. :slight_smile:

man that video is cool, it really looked like it was fun as opposed to just something that is crazy extreme, but there were still alot of things in it that impressed me.

There’s some pretty cool scenery in the video. I like it a lot. What kind of music do you guys recommend for a video, when I make mine? It seems like it is an important part of a good vid.