summer vid some clips me and moritz filmed in the last week sorry that it´s so long;)
hope you enjoy

wrong url/link

oh sorry but it´s still converting

Flip 4, hop up 4, the 8 set hop (tapped last step though), 4:02, the combo at 4:08, skinny, 450s, and 3spin on wheel were nice.

thanks i´ll watch how long the gap was

Nice vid, good flatland. The skinny at the end was pretty awesome :smiley:


you are getting better very fast :roll_eyes:

I can’t watch this video for some reason… I tried both links but the vid just won’t load. :thinking: :frowning:

Good video:D !!! :roll_eyes: :):wink:

can you watch my other vids?

My computer isn’t letting me watch vimeo videos at the moment.