Summer Vid Teaser!

Heres all the clips I got while i was on holiday, I’m going to save all my clips from this summer and save them for one super vid at the end of the season. Some fun flat rails in here to look out for.

Make sure you watch it HQ, other wise its not even watchable.

Dude that was a sick video man. Haha but you ate dump on that tennis net lol. Nice vid tho. If you don’t mind me asking, what island in new zealand are you from?

North island. Aaaaaaand yep… tennis net hurt like hell… Got it second try though :wink:

Haha I was in the North Island, 3 years ago now. Good times. I’ve gotta hand it to you that foot plant on the pole was pretty cool too. I’ve never seen a foot plantlike that before.

As long as you use the same band in the longer video, I will be impressed. =p

Oh, I plan to :stuck_out_tongue: But diffrent song…

Summer eh. grumble grumble
I like the crank flip at 47seconds when you hop to the post and back.
And the 2 grinds in a row.
Your show a complete disrespect for the impossible.

Chris im pretty sure the rails are more scared of you than you are of them.After unicon ill see you with a medal

There was no flip in there. Nice idea though.

Summer :smiley:

yeah man sweet as! the inward varial flip down the 4 was nuts as clean. and liked the full varial to fakie inward varial combo thing. and the grinds are getting bigger and some of them rounder :stuck_out_tongue:

Soooo awesome! can’t wait for the full vid!!

very nice !! :slight_smile:
awesome grind, flips… :roll_eyes:
but the summer is still so far away :frowning:
nice job :smiley:

wow, i can’t wait, just don’t repeat an evan byrne move:).

wow… You get noticeably better everytime you make a new video… who knows what you’ll be doing by the end of summer

Very nice. Starting to combine tech street with big street.
Looks amazing.
Can’t wait for the rest!

i really liked this video!!!:smiley:

it’s good for us that you have a camera again;):smiley:
great vid liked the grinds

You found some new unicycle rail i see :slight_smile: Awesome tricks can’t wait till the actually vid comes out :slight_smile:

That was insane! I loved those grinds

Awesome… I’m gonna watch again.