Summer Vid Street/Flat

I apologize for all the flatland and lack of street. But whatever. Quality is pooz but its going to be a long time before thats fixed so get used to it.

Its staying that way…

Picking up your hat must get annoying.
Love the line at 1.55 and the flat stuff when ur in the yellow top. (the tricks not the top)

Awesome video, your style is rediculous. You’re the first person to use footplants that don’t make you look like a retarded monkey.

Cool stuff, although you were right about there being a lot of flat. I really liked the grind to Side WW, I think I may have to try and steal that, like … Tomorrow.

Holy crap that was the sickest movie ever. You have mad steeze, everything was so smooth!!! I just came in from riding but after that, I think I need to go back out again!!! Wow good job, amazing.

wow, amazing. my only complaint is that no deinterlacing makes it blurry and hard to see some stuff.

Hard to see? Ask and ill tell you what it was lol. But trust me, it looked better this way.

Uploading the deinterlaced version now if you guys are willing to wait a bit. I’ll delete which ever one looks worse.

Here we go, deinterlaced:

really cool video^^ :astonished:

its so sick how easy you are doing tricks like fifthflip, 720, Treydouble, In-In Trey-Fakieflip,… :roll_eyes:

Keep it Up!


Haaaa 2:32! I landed that on vid and was keeping for my vid!

AWESOME BRO! The footplants were sick… Also some nice flat combos… Your style rocks…

Can’t wait to ride with you at UNICON!

Keep it up!

I was trying to get the fifthflip line hopless… but i had to settle for a hop after the fifth cause my camera man was getting annoyed (he sucks! haha)

great vid, really loved the riding and the editing

the bad point is for flatland, you did great combos but on these combos you added lame stuff like push mush everywhere…

anyway i wanted to see more street from you… but it was cool

keep it up

– bobousse

Yeah I know the lines would look better without push mushing everything, its just what I do to regain balance, like crank idling. Thanks for the constructive comment.

Really loved it, amazing video!!

At first i couldn’t understand why it was called summer vid, but is it the opposite since you live in new zealand like when we have winter you guys have summer? (Sorry for bad english lol) :wink:

Footplants looked crazy and that rolling hop up the 6 set was impressive.
Really enjoyed :smiley:

i always like when i see new tricks and variation. :smiley:

this vid was just awesome :astonished:
i really liked the backflip out off crankhang:p