Summer unicycling 2011


new vid from the last two weeks.
featuring: Julia Kleinert, Charlotte Stender, Simon Großlercher, Elias Pöham, Raphael Pöham, Lorenz Pöham, Matti Meuser, Stefan Buchele



comments are appreciated.
greetings buchi

nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! that was awesome. i loved the song and the editting. My favorite part was raphael’s line on the freestyle uni. and i really liked elias’s trials in there. the girls were incrediable at freestyle…i wish i was that good :smiley: what were the specs on the uni with the yellow tire though?

EDIT: that was a big frickin sweater!

Great video! I really liked the variety of riding styles, it made the video very entertaining. The filming was also very nice!

I really love this vieo

Fun for you, fun for us! :slight_smile:
Great video and a perfect way to show freestyle skills.

thanks for the comments.

@ mexico7: the yellow uni, was a quax wheel with standard cranks, because my normal wheel broke.

I really like that one.

nice riding, I enjoyed to watch

Oh how I love this video, and oh how I would die to have some female unicyclists around to ride with! Haha, their freestyle is insane!
Loved all the riding, nice flat street topped with a gorgeous simple edit.
One of my favourite multi-rider videos