Summer Sunday & some dam unicycling!

Title: “Summer Sunday”

The song is “Summer” by Sum 41.

And I know I spelled dam wrong, it was intentional. It’s explained in the video.

youtube is down for a bit. If you can’t see it, it might take a few hours.

Man that dam unicycling looked fun :smiley: Oh and when your :sunglasses: fell off. I also like the colours on your uni :wink:

Thanks! Yes, dam unicycling is very fun and very steep! Pictures and video never show just how steep they really are. To give you an idea, I haven’t even met a mountain biker who is willing to go down, and I’ve asked quite a few! In the video, you can see where I slide down over 3 feet of the dam and that wasn’t my longest slide. I’ve had another one that was a 5 foot slide.

Another fun thing I did with that dam was on fourth of July night at 10:30 pm I rode down it with a ten year old flashlight duct taped to my helmet. Of course, the flashlight stopped working so I went down the dam using the moon as my only light source. It was so much fun!

My unicycle started as a red Nimbus 19", and has now become a black Nimbus with various other parts in it. It’s still a work in progress, thanks for the comment :sunglasses: