Summer street

Hi, I made a new street vid :wink:
hopefully you will like it ^^ and leave a comment :slight_smile:

damn that was hot

Damn Tim, YOU are hot. :smiley:

That was insane, you’re so creative, and so technically good at the same time, it makes for such an interesting/enjoyable video! :smiley:

woah, that was awesome! the first 180 up the table looked effortless. Grinds were awesome. And the 3spin drop was amazing! I loved the little thing at :35 too :slight_smile:

That was awsome!

It felt like it only went for 1 minute, no boring bits. :slight_smile:

Crazy vid, Tim! At 2:48 u blew ur tire?:smiley:

Man thats the best street vid i seen in a while!!! That first 13 handrail was so steep! your so creative and its so fun to watch! Good that your uni is fine after the 180 down 8 set :wink:

that was awesome, such creative riding! I really enjoyed all of your grinds that you did also. The unispin off the big drop was pretty insane to!

Awesome stuff! Big, creative, techy. I like how your trials influences your street, and really makes it great.

Creative video! I enjoyed it a lot:)
Really liked the clip at 0:34


Excellent Video!!! That unispin off of that bridge was pretty sweet! Also really liked the footplant tricks and the grinds. Huge hoptwists off drops and down stairs through out the video, amazing. Great job.

I love it, man. You’ve got some awesome style.

Was that an upwards grind?

Very good! There’s some stuff in there I can aspire to :slight_smile: Some street videos have loads too many unispins in but that was good!


Pretty sure it was just rewinded. :wink:

Yeah pretty much what I thought. :stuck_out_tongue:
I would like to see it forwards as the landing must have been really smooth. :slight_smile:
Watching it again I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an upwards grind!

A upwards grind backwards and then hopping up to the rail would be impossible, but before Max landed the Maxwhip I thought that was impossible too. :slight_smile:

Are you kidding?! Now I got dissapointed. :frowning: I thought it was real. A Timgrind.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some people who could do an upwards grind to hopping onto the bar but maybe not backwards or for something that steep!

Very nice. Awesome style.