Summer Soon!

yipppeee i break up from school in 8 days! i’m gonna get up really early in the morings 6 or 7 and go unicycling hopefully every day if i can also i’m going on holiday 2 Wales in snowdonia so might try put a bit muni while i’m there…
anyone else lookin forward 2 some uni in the sun? :slight_smile:

I get up at 7am most summer mornings and go for a ride through the park and then go to the lido (huge 100 yard outdoor swimming pool) and then go for more of a ride. Early in the morning is a great time to ride in summer, it isn’t too hot and the park isn’t busy, so I can play around on things and ride as fast as I can and generally make a nuisance of myself without any problems. The pool is really refreshing after a bit of a ride too.