Summer shoes

Need help choosing summer shoes…
Background story:
I’m a beginner. I’ve tried to learn on a 20". Than I bought a fixed geared 26" Huny-rex and I found that my biggest problem is about how to apply enough torque to get it moving… when it starts rolling it goes without too much problems.

I realized I can freemount and start only using a pair of old shoes I own… So the problem is the grip on pedals.

So now I need summer shoes for hot uni days (my old pair are usefull for autumn/winter!)…

Five ten impact low (could find used with a good price)/ other 5.10 for summer or just any kind of hot days’ shoes with a similar sole pattern (not that sticky) like these maybe:

Welcome to the forum. You can buy a pair of new pedals with plastic or metal pins … for cheaper than a new pair of shoes. If you are a relative beginner, I would avoid anything with aggressive, metal, spiky pins. Too much sticking to the pedals…

5-10 Impacts are great for long distance riding, or when you’re really pushing on the pedals, such as hill climbing. I think the build quality is better on the older models. I got a pair of newer ones, and they started tearing apart more quickly than the older model.

I recently bought a pair of 5-10 Freeride. They have grippy soles, but they are a more flexible shoe, which I prefer for freestyle/trials/street riding. They are less expensive than the Impacts. I took a couple long mUni rides on them. My feet were more tired after the ride, because I needed to flex my feet more to counteract the flexibility in the soles.

There are some other threads on the forum dedicated to shoes. Try the search function. As a beginner, I had a lot of clumsy dismounts, resulting in my kicking the ground pretty hard. I appreciated having the Impacts, because they protected me, probably, from breaking a toe under those conditions.

Good luck, and keep riding!

Bought 5.10 contact

Bought used 5.10 contact on ebay. Good deal, but a bit short. I´ll try to stretch them. However now I can push really hard on my monster guni.

My 5.10s fit fairly tightly. Once I got used to that, however, I liked the tight fit. As long as they aren’t hurting your feet.

I bought some vans and really like them on my equinox street. Great grip with pressure on the pedals but the little cups make it much better to reposition my feet when I need to.

They are hurting my feet! However I train myself about 30 minutes a day so I can wait for a couple od weeks to understand id they’ll ever stretch. I’ll try some waterfreezing inside trick

In my experience, 5-10s run small. I normally wear size 10 (American) shoes, but I buy size 11 5-10s and they work for me. (I bought a pair of size 10s once, and they were short enough that I lost my big toe nails on one of the first long rides with them.)

(edit) I like 5-10s because the sole is stiff enough that my feet don’t feel the pedal pins. With softer soled shoes, the pins get really annoying after a short while. (But I do have sensitive feet, so your mileage may vary. :slight_smile: )