Summer Session

My 3rd video, hope you enjoy. This is a collection of some recent clips along with some from my summer break. I have been riding for 11 months now, Quality isnt the greatest but hoping to get a better camera in the future. Music: Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Nice trial lines! :smiley:

Good vid :)! I really like your helm camera!

Thanks for the comments. Every video i start out saying i will have more helmet cam shots, however not many make it into the video.

Very nice unicycling!

nice vid
looks like you’ve got some beautiful trial spots out there
nice trial skills
too bad that some shots were so dark

The video was alot darker after i uploaded. I may upload it again to see if it fixes it.

Nice riding guys. Its cool to watch videos of people pretty much at the same skill level as me.

nice vid.I like it :slight_smile:

Where are you finding all these new spots? I rode in Temecula for 2 years and didn’t find a lot of those. Can’t wait to check them out when I come home for christmas.
I think your for sure better than me now. The electrical box gap was sick and so was the gap to the skinny on your trials course.
I’m still looking for a way to get my unicycle on the plane, but I’ll figure it out.
See you next week!

If its a 19" just dismantle it and stick it in the bag you stick under the plane. It will fit easily, no worries.

No I know I can easily fit it in a bag, it’s just expensive. I don’t have a lot of money as a college student.

Yea dude, i know u will get it here. Some of the spots were down in oceanside. We need to go down there when u come down, i only rode a small portion of the town. I am sure there are alot of spots i missed. Talk to you when u get here.