Summer Ride [part 2]


Summer Ride pt. 2 is finished!

Hope you like it.

Please comment. :slight_smile:





i really loved the video!

the editing is awesome!

the only thing i didnt like so much is that on every clip is a still pic ( dont know how to tell in english)

Raphael :wink:

that was awesome! your street stuff is sick. Is that your first filmed double flip or did I just miss the other :roll_eyes:

I loved that SIF gap on the planter boxes…srry forgot to look for the time.

I think you mean every angle used a tripod.

Still shots
tripod only

Wow! Nice editing and nice job on the doubleflips!

That was awesome! very good editing! :astonished:

Wow Isaac. You and Jordan are getting so good so fast. You need to teach me a few things when I start trials.

Cool video! I liked it very much!
Only thing, and this is not a criticism, as the music you chose suited it well, but i feel you could make the video seem a bit more fast paced with a different type of tune…
But, this isnt you as i know your other vids have simular tracks :wink:
I just try to give mine a quicker feel, but i guess with your flow it doesnt really matter too much… i try to disguise my crappy riding hehe!

Very nice, better than part 1. I love the music off The intro of your vid was well put together, but I felt as you moved on the editing got a little bit sloppier. I’m thinking maybe for my next vid, I’ll put a shadowville song as my intro, and then switch to a normal song. Because I felt the song you chose got a little bit too repetitive, towards the end. The best part was the sif gap up onto the planter.

How come you film everything on a tripod, when you have eachother to film?

You two are quite amazing. You should seriously step it up now though.

Crankflips down curbs are cute when you first learn them and enjoy doing them down 2 sets, but with hickflips and doubles down curbs, I expect you to go a little bit bigger… Maybe hick a 2 or flip a 3?

I’m not expecting flips down 5 and 6 sets, but maybe just to take it up a small notch and give yourself more stairset confidence involving flips. I mean, you’ve got doubles already!

Simply Fantastic.

Great video. Had me entertained the whole way through.

great job, Isaac!
intriguing music goes well with editing style and technical skills.
its short enough I didnt get bored. But if you want to show the same clip twice, you might show highlights as glipses in an intro, or at the end while rolling credits.
pretty big drop to flat.
are cranks flips suddenly easy?? seems like everyone is doing them!
everyone needs to slow down, take a deep breath, and let me catch up.