Summer Ride [part 1]

This is Jordan and I uniing lately.

There will be part 2, sometime, could be soon, could be later.

It might have some other riders in it, and could be HD if my one friend is in it, anyway, enjoy part 1.



nice riding. Lemme guess, the old guy was saying something about falling and breaking the window? And for some reason, when you hopped up on that wall with Jordan (?) sitting there, i thought you did some fancy editing and that was you.

Thanks Rubix.

You were right about that guy telling me that a skater was there and he lost his balance and hit his arm against it, and it cracked, and it was worth like $1500. So we left.

Yeah it was pretty funny that Jordan and I were wearing the same Bedford shirt, so yeah it looked like me both times.

Thanks for the comment.

47 views and only 1 comment, please more comments :slight_smile:



I think this is your best video so far. Love the editing. The song worked really well.

Are you using a monty tire?

Thanks Levi :slight_smile:

I’m riding a Luna tire, until my Try-All tire comes :slight_smile:

What tire is on your KH?

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: Lucky! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

Cool vid, and nice editing, camera work was a little shaky at times but still decent. I still don’t have the balls to hop up onto the backing of benches. And this vid made me even more scared with it tipping over.

I’m getting a try-all tire too, it should be here tommorrow, I’m so pumped.

Yeah mine is supposed to come tomorrow too, I am soo pumped aswell.

Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:


Nice Isaac. That was really good but I wish it had lasted longer:)

You’ll enjoy the try-all a lot.

Thanks Max. Part 2 will be much longer, (and better) :slight_smile:

I will enjoy my Try-All :slight_smile:

I thought the same thing, I thought he was editing himself into each scene haha.

Cool video, I liked the editing when the bench tipped.

Wow, your getting really good! Too short!
What tire was on Jordan’s Uni?

Hey thanks,

like I said, part 2 will be longer :slight_smile: And better.

Jordan is riding a Echo Supa Trials…


You guys are getting much better.

There is something I love about the way Jordan flips.

I was, however dissapointed in not seeing the hickflip down the curb landed.

Nice Vid though.

Youtube :o

Have you tried it?

What’s your opinion of it in comparison to the Luna and CC?

I hear the Echo and Luna both have a very hard compound.

I think the video needs deinterlacing. Otherwise it was good.

that was great Issac best vid so far other than being short it was pretty much perfect!

Thanks Luke, like I said, part 2 will be longer.

He knew it, even asked me before. I was d’accord with that. :slight_smile:

Nice vid, can’t wait for Part II !