Summer of 2006

So here it is, my second video:

It’s mainly trials but a few grinds mixed in to.
Hope you guy’s enjoi it and every reaction is welcome.

PS: this movie is dedicated to my past grandfather, may he rest in peace.


Good job! I liked the video, I noticed you got the new KH trials, how does it compare to your old trials?

I loved the video.
looking forward to your next

Awesome video… when you were doing that little trials course, there were SOOO many pallets in the bacgkround… are those all yours?

To Brian O: I only got the new sadle, new hubset and new frame.
The hubset is amazing, strong and good for street/flatland tricks.
Frame is cool and very grippy for one footed riding.
Street fusion sadle is cool and very good for SIF trails and street moves.
I still use the old 05/06 KH rim, I don’t think the new KH rim is strong because off the holes in it.

To benjaug: those pallets aren’t mine, they just are in town somewhere.


Awesome dude :smiley:
I wanna drive with you again :stuck_out_tongue:
drive on :wink:

Looks excellent mate. Really enjoyed it, you have 2 different techniques which is cool. 3 unicycles eh? Aren’t you the lucky one.

Excellent stuff, especially the jump from bench back to back.


Nice video. You have such interesting things to ride on for trials. I wish i had that sort of cool stuff. Good job.

that was awesome!

great vid!

Crazy vid man! You found some great lines to put in there. Were this filmed throughout the whole summer? Cuz I think I saw you getting better and better towards the end. Maybe I just imagine stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

The vid was great but I have some stuff I think you can improve to your next vid:

The music: I think you could lower the volume on the music a little bit so you can hear the sound of the actual film as well. At least I prefer it that way.

The tempo: I think you could leave some stuff out, and shorter some of the clips, just so you get a better tempo in the film.

Other than that it was great.

About the music: I just hate the surroundingsounds.
That’s why I didn’t let the video sound in the movie.