Summer Flatland

Finally got WMM to publish the video, only in low quality though.

Yeah, the riding and edit sucks, but I just wanted to put it out because I have been riding a lot more flat recently.

Shut up.

Nice video :stuck_out_tongue:

That was really cool:) I think the riding was pretty good, but maybe I’m just not good in flatland riding:p

if you love it let it go…good video

Nice video, but might I suggest you start adding a little more crank roll tricks and less HoW tricks in your combos. Even though I must say some of your HoW tricks are creative; the 90 late backflip was sick.

I try to, but I really am not good at crankrolls. I have only gotten backroll-rollingwrap about 5 times and cannot varialroll.

Thanks though.
The late 90 backflip is pretty easy, the landing is sometimes hard or sketchy though.

thats cool man, love the crative stuff :slight_smile: like the double legwrap to 270 and stand up coast thing :smiley:

That was a really enjoyable video. The tricks from :26 to :40 were really cool:D

nice stuff. Your flat style is so unique that its always fun to watch.

nice, man. didn’t like the music though :stuck_out_tongue:

The coasting and late flip were neat.
And youre really consistent with the wheel hopping.

I really really liked it. Creative, and smooth. Keep on!

The music was the best part!

Thanks everyone.


love the style, cant describe what it is about it, but i love it anyway:)

I love the creativity in there. The 270 sidespin was by far the coolest part of the vid (if you were to land it). But it still looked awesome. Keep riding like that… I dont know anyone who rides flat like you do.

:thinking: Do you mean the sif coast to leg around? That was the only thing I showed that I did not land.
Anyways, thanks.

Hopefully I will be able to afford Sym cranks after the winter. It would help a lot with stuff I have been trying. I would be able to do so much more with my style.

Lookin good.

I thought the trick at 34 secs looked ace. It was in the next clip as well but with the attempted leg wrap(?) as well. Does it have a name? Maybe it was a ‘simple’ trick but I thought it looked great.