Summer EUC 2011

if it’s a video for euc, why don’t you present it at euc? because if not, then i do’nt get the point of naming it that way
anyway, nice vid, looks like you’re getting good :wink:

Awesome tricks and combos! and insane fifthsideflip!

Sick video dude, I love it! Are you in junior or senior flatland? Are you also in street?
Can’t wait to see you ride in real!

aaaaah black and yellow, that is pretty… really…CLEVER! did anyone else notice the song choice´s meaning? good use of slomos man! nice tricks.

Great Video! I love the trick at 1:43. What would that be called?(hick-____?)Maybe… not too good at figuring out trick names.

that trick is called treysidedouble. :smiley: