Summer EUC 2011 Final Battle - Krisztián Kovács vs. Christian Resch

Nice! I like watching flat battles. No fancy editing. No frilly stuff just raw unicycling. It shows your consistency and you killed it! Nice job man!

Sick but Christian didn’t really do any technical rolls.

I agree with you, I think that’s also why Krisztián won. (he was also more creative) :roll_eyes:
But they are both amazing.

Great riding by both :astonished: . Couldn’t tell wheter Joe was joking or not :P.

haha, yeah me neither xD

and love both their riding! Christian his flips and spins are so nice and clean ! but after a couple of spins and flips you’ve seen everything of him :stuck_out_tongue: looks al the same xD Krizs has the same sick spins and flips but also with insane combos and creative stuf :smiley:

edit: oh… krisz his 1080… so clean!!! <3

Joe was joking, he was a little drunk! :stuck_out_tongue:

joe was drunk?

A little.:wink:

surprised :p? He’s quite oftend a bit drunk on euc xD but not as bad as the frenchies (maxime,damien,adrien,cleden,… :smiley: )

hahhahahhhahaha i cant believe you couldnt tell xD

If I were Christian (oh I am xD) I would have gotten pretty mad at Joe… I thought that was pretty shit of him…

I agree Christian, but that’s just how Joe is I guess… He’s got quite a personality :P.
I think that Christan started off better than Krisz :P.

Christian started off really well and did really well overall but not enough variety. Once Krizs matched Christians treyside triple, it was obvious who deserved to win.

Final was great, but I personally liked the most the semifinal with Bence and Krisz.

Haha… Skills the tricks they were pulling off were sooo clean… (Usually) =P

I’ve found it on my mobile. Sorry for the quality. Maybe someone got it better…

Yeeeeeeeeeee that was a sick battle! Krinny