summer camp

dose anyone know about a unicycle summer camp i searched the forums and could not find anything if so reply i also told this idea to woodward action sports camp and i will call them soon

There are no camps. Just group rides, clubs and conventions.

The closest thing to a camp would be the NAUCC- North American Unicycle Convention and Championships, MMF-Moab MUni Fest, and CMW-California MUnicycle Weekend.

A list of clubs:

Check the map feature for local riders.

Circus camp would be the closest thing and of course you’d have to put up with the other stuff…

Anyone have tips for starting a unicycle club? There isn’t one in my area so I’d like to make one.

I’m not too sure that Camp Woodward would cater to the unicycle community, Camp Woodward is a BMXers or Plank Pusher’s heaven, big ass ramps, dirt jumps. Unicycling wouldn’t quite fit in there. Well, thats going on articles from Ride UK BMX mag a fair few years back. If I was still BMXing, I’d go there If I could get there, hell, I’d live there.

I believe there are 2 unicycling groups in the area that have a lot of riders your age. The UniStars and a Circus group…I forget the name though.

UniStars - - I know this camp has quite a bit of unicycle involvement. It is not a unicycle-specific camp, though.

Not to drag a post back from the dead (I’m going to anyways) thanks for the mention Levi! How’s it going?

Anyways, Kidztown is a children’s organization that uses Unicycles as a big part. We have a week long training event at the beginning of every summer in Alberta, Canada. There is a lot of stuff we go over (juggling, magic, puppets) but unicycling always takes a main focus.

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