Summer 2013

Hey, here’s my summer video for 2013:

Wow Dan, I’m still picking up my mouth from the floor :astonished: Seriously though you do really techy stuff. I didn’t even know what some of those tricks were called. As usual you put out another great video, its one to download for sure. I really liked your x-roll combo along with the million flip tricks you had in there. Haha. Keep up all the good riding and I’ll be looking forward to your next video, nice job:)

Thanks Alex, your comments are a huge motivation!

Usually I don’t like to watch flat but I always enjoy your vids :smiley:

Where was the x-roll, and what’s that last trick called (at 2:08)?
I’m not all that up to date on the latest tricks.


I think he was referring to the combo at 0:48. And 2:08 is called a trey underflip. Crazy trick…

So clean, as always Dan. I think it has something to do with your pointy shoes…:slight_smile: Did I see an Out Under Doubleflip in there ?! Or was it “just” a single ? I also loved your street in this one, as well as your one-footed fifth combo.

It was great meeting you at NAUCC, and seeing that you are just as good in real life than you are in your vids ! Hope to see you next summer at Unicon (or even before that).


Amazing video, Dan! (as always)
The treysidetriple at 1:05 was insane! I thought it was a treysidedouble at first, but I guess I should not be surprised considering how easy you made the treytriple look at NAUCC.
I also loved your coast at 1:25 and the treyflip down the picnic table.

Keep posting videos! Your editing skills are also very impressive.

Thanks Hugo:)

@ 1:05? If so, looks like a replay just after that at a diff angle and slo-mo, THAT"S a double.

Almost half those tricks I had to watch several times just to see what the hell it was :astonished: :smiley:

yeah…sorry, that’s actually a Trey Side Tripleflip. :stuck_out_tongue: I was talking about 1:02.

But as you said it, because there were so many crazy tricks in there, I decided to download the video. It’s actually an Out Underflip. Still first ever AFAIK. And watching this video in 1080p is wonderful.

Thanks for the work you put in this Dan !