Summer 2012 - Jelle Dillen

Here’s my new summer video :), tell me what you think about it

Damn your flatland has gotten really good. I’m surprised no one has commented. Flatland videos aren’t getting much attention here anymore. You have a nice balance between technical combos and spins. It makes your riding interesting. The tempo of the music matches the riding really well too. Very well done.

That thing at the end had me confused for a second – the cranks are spinning the wrong way.

Thank’s a lot :slight_smile:

Awesome awesome.

1:47, 2:34, and 2:55 are my favorites.

Thanks :D, I actually thought about deleting the long combo, cus it’s pretty boring, but I did good then for keeping it :slight_smile:

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Very good riding! Thanks for video!

Ps: you may need to think about font for your next video :wink: