Summer 2011 - Tony Torchia & Alex Lancaster

Summer 2011 clips of Tony Torchia and Alex Lancaster

You may recognize many of the spots from defect or Dan Heaton’s videos from the Gasworks filming

Special thanks to -
Will Riley
Eli Brill
Kelly Hickman
Jacob Spera
Kevin Kartchner
Colby Thomas
Relentless by Fate
Everyone at NAUCC!!

I liked it man, keep up the good work!


very nice vid!The beginning of the vid is at the same place as the part of dan heathon in defect!

Great video! I enjoyed it :smiley:

You both improve so fast! Nice flat and street by both of you, I really liked your blind stuff! And Alex’s street really impressed me! The flips down the sets and the bayflip off the big ledge were awesome, he makes them look so easy!

ahhhhh soo sick!!! You both have improved so much since NAUCC which is awesome! For how little Alex is he went huge! Nice flips down the 5 set both of you and nice double back Tony. Loved all the creative street in there. Keep up the improvements and keep us updated by videos :slight_smile: p.s. dope triple alex! pss, loved the crankgrab line by you Tony, smoooth.

Was it a triple?!?!?

Thanks a ton guys! The comments really keep us motivated. no it wasnt a triple, just a double. You might see some triples soon :wink: stay posted!

awesome video, alex’s riding really stood out because he’s small! :stuck_out_tongue: really nice tricks in there, and the street was goooood!

ALEX. Holy crap man you’re a tank! I miss you and Tony so much :confused: We have to ride sometime soon! Doubleflip, doubleback, flips down 5’s?! You guys are insane.!

Great video guys! double back! sweet . that was a pretty huge bay flip by alex too. video shows huge improvement from last i’ve seen, you guys are getting good. especially for how young alex is, your gonna be a champion! When are we gonna ride again tony?

Hopefully soon, we are back in school now so if i find some time off between work and school ill let you know!

that was a nice video. Looks like both of you improved since naucc.
Alex’ riding looks so big (for his size):wink: The flip down the 5 was crazy.