Summer 2009 [street]

During my summer holidays i traveled around a lot:) Here is my video of it :slight_smile:

hope you enjoy it;)

The third vid I watched today with really good riding, filming and editing.

that was a very nice video, sophia! keep it up!:slight_smile:

+1 amazing video very cool grinds too

nice riding! congrats on the addict sponsor too:D , i wih i had an addict sponsor:(

Wow that was great. I loved it when you were riding with that red background.:stuck_out_tongue:

To make a good video, one needs…

Good riding
Good filming
Good editing

That was an awesome video. Keep it up.

I love the video, amazing riding and i like the grinds :wink:


Well, that was quite enjoyable. :smiley:

Nah… totally enjoyable seem to fit better. :stuck_out_tongue: