Sullivan Canyon MUni Sat. 1/19/08

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, or may be in the area this Saturday, PM me if you’d like to join in a MUni adventure at the beautiful Sullivan Canyon trail. It can be done either as a shuttle (very easy and quick) or simply drop directly into the canyon for an out & back ride.

For the out & back there is very little climbing and just a blast from start to finish. PM if you can make it. Start time flexible, but probably around 1pm. The trail head is just above Sunset Blvd. in the Santa Monica mtns. Awesome trail for all skill levels.:smiley:

FYI-the trail got slightly rearranged from the last storm-it is all still good fun, perhaps still a couple short watery sections, might be fully dry by Saturday. Have a great time, I can’t join you.

Ok thanks; I don’t mind a little mud, it’s all good!

Hi UniGeezer -

I’m very new to unicycling and am looking for people to ride with. I live near Sullivan Canyon and have been down there a few times. I’d like to ride with you and get some pointers when your are in my neighborhood then next time.

  • SoloWheeler

Yeah great! As soon as it stops raining and dries out a bit. Should be ready for riding by next week. You can PM me to confirm the day and time.