Sullivan Canyon: "A fresh canvas" (11/11/09)

For SoCal riders who are familiar with the Sullivan Canyon trail in the Santa Monica Mountains, the Gas co. had closed it for about 3 months to repair and cover some exposed gas lines. This also resulted in the entire 4.5 miles of single track being bulldozed and graded! :frowning:

This was my second ride there since it reopened last week. I did the 9 mile rounder, which still has beautiful views, lots of tree shade, and about 1,200 feet elevation change. :slight_smile:

If you look around you can still find some fun little drops, and other stuff to have fun with…including those new concrete mats they put everywhere! (Got my tire stuck in the “grooves” and it through me good! after the creds)

So here’s the short viddy I made from this morning’s ride. Hope you enjoy! :smiley:

(Oops, I should have used “threw” instead of “through”, in the third paragraph above, lol! They are common heterographs, like to and too, and sometimes interchanged inadvertently. Just a “preemptive” correction so I don’t catch heck from Mrs. A.) :o


Those concrete mats look interesting… thanks for the vid!

On the grammar note… have you read the threads on this site? Yours isn’t bad :wink:

One more thing… it’s " _____ and I went to the …"
Not “______ and me…”

Everyone from TV stars to reporters are making this mistake…am I being crotchety? :astonished:


Haha, like Michael Moore’s first (and arguably best) documentary, “Roger & me”. I think a lot of the time people-the very well educated included-speak in a rather casual, informal manner, and that often carries over into the way they write as well. Song lyrics and titles are replete with grammatical errors, but they just wouldn’t “sound” right any other way.

For example, the Rolling Stones classic, “(I can’t get no) satisfaction” comes to mind. That’s a double negative, and should simply be “I can’t get satisfaction”. It just wouldn’t be the same if they called it-and sang it as-"I can’t get any:stuck_out_tongue:

Ha haaa

Thanks for all the great uni vids and posts. I’m a newbie but I am obsessed already :smiley:


Thanks Tim, and…welcome to the forums! :slight_smile: (I know some prefer the alternately used “Fora” to “forums”, lol) :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha nice video Terry. You better be coming with us this saturday on the Humming Bird!

Nice video once again. Aren’t those Karvers awesome? For muni I don’t wear anything else anymore. Except when I practice gliding.

I’ve been hearing a lot of mistakes with “I” and “me” lately.
But more because people over generalize the rule above.

A man on a unicycle rode past Wendy and I. wrong.

A man on a unicycle rode past Wendy and me. right.

To figure out when to use “I” or “me” just remove the other person from the sentence.

You would never say “me went to the …” or “A man on a unicycle rode past I.”
They just sound wrong.


Me look forward to seeing this video when me get home. Stupid work is blocking all the fun things on the internets. :angry:

There’s a reason too.
I is a subject pronoun, me an object pronoun.

Hence, since Roger & Me isn’t used in a sentence there is no way to classify it as grammatically incorrect.

I was planning a whole day of riding and filming in Pine Valley this Saturday; just the drive alone is nearly 300 miles round trip! What time were you planning to get to hummingbird? Maybe I can go to Pine Valley Sunday instead.

Haha, like the famous words of Tarzan; Me Tarzan, you Jane”. Lots of examples of grammatically misused words. “So I was talking to Debbie, and she goes, ‘did yo see ________ last night?’” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. I just got them and they seem like a good, solid shoe for MUni. The old style 5.10 high impacts were my favorite over all, but they were discontinued. The new Karver’s are nice, and that lace cover/flap is a useful accessory, but the inner side of them “catch” on my 36er cranks!

From what I can figure, this is because my 114mm 36er cranks have zero “Q” factor, and so my shoes are so close to them that the cranks tend to “clip” the lace covers. I can feel it with each rotation, which causes them to partially separate from the velcro on the inner sides. This doesn’t happen when riding my MUni since the cranks have sufficient “Q” factor, which keeps my shoes far enough away from the cranks, preventing any separation of the flaps. :slight_smile:

Cool video Terry,

You seem to have a lot of great riding spots available to you. How many trails do you live near that you ride frequently? How far are you willing to drive to get to a trail?

It seems like I have very few places to ride muni around here, but maybe I just need to do some research and do a bit of driving.

Thanks Matt. Well, most of my favorite trails are a between 50-135 miles…each way. Sullivan and Backbone trails are really the only two semi-close trails, about 26 miles away.

I used to ride almost daily at a trail that’s only about 5 miles from my house, but it’s been closed for months since it was burned in a fire about 4 months ago. :frowning:

I use mine for cokering as well. Didn’t notice that problem even with zero q cranks. Maybe because of the pedals (mks g6000), but I doubt it.
It probably takes some getting used to a wider spacing of your feet.
Also you can fine tune the flaps to get the velcro perfectly alined at the inner side to help prevent it from touching the cranks.

Weren’t you going to get a KH36 with moments anyways?
It shouldn’t be an issue with that setup then.

whats the point of all them concrete things?

Nice!!! I would like to ride on this kind 0:37

My guess is to prevent erosion or stabilize loose soil when using heavy machinery. The pyramidal shape would allow them to conform to the surface texture.

This is all hypothesis though.

It’s a really great shoe. I had already tried repositioning the lace covers so that the sides closest to the the cranks were as far away as possible. But the corners of each flap-nearest the top of each shoe-would still catch on the cranks, no matter how I positioned them.

This is really due to not only the zero Q of the cranks, but also because I like my feet fully on each pedal. I could just position each foot a little more to the outside, but I don’t like that feeling. It’s like I’m not all the on the pedal. Anyway, I fixed the problem by “rounding” off each corner just a bit, and now they don’t catch. :smiley:

The Gas. Co. put down a lot of those mats to cover what were partially exposed gas lines. I guess they felt the concrete would be a better barrier than just dirt, which would likely be washed away in the rainy seasons. I just hope in time that those mats will get grown over so the area looks more natural. :slight_smile:

Haha yeah they are fun to ride over, especially the steep ones.

You’re probably mostly correct. I believe they chose the “square” configuration-instead of just one large concrete layer-to help minimize cracking, and also to save a lot of concrete.