Sullivan anyone?

For once we hit the trail early (for us - 7:30) and got the long uphill done before the sun flooded Sullivan Canyon. Then all the fun (three and a half hours) going down, mostly under cover of trees thank God (it’s nearly 100 in LA today). Some DH bikers have built up a few big gap/drops over the last months and the old “Goat Trail” is still a gas - steep, curvy and ever-so-rutted.







That look cool not too technical but I like the drops! I think I’ll ride that trail tomorrow but late in the day!

40C in the valley was enough to keep me inside. You guys are nuts.

Agreed!:stuck_out_tongue: Don’t any of you guys ever ride after 4 or 5pm?

Some of those pics are in the shade which may have reduced the heat somewhat. Whatever it maybe, that looks pretty cool. :smiley: