Suicide Resurrection (LA Ride Report)

The So Cal muni scene is back on the map once again following today’s reunion ride at Suicide Connector in Los Angeles. Attendees included Phil, Ilan, Spencer, Morgan, and myself. (The following riders could not attend because they were all temporarily broken from non-unicycle related injuries, and were deeply missed: Largo, Josh, Julian)

Our first strokes reminded us that regardless of how temperate it is in the rest of California, Suicide Connector always seems to be at least 10 degrees hotter than anyone signed up for. Now add some rocks, a dizzily steep doubletrack, and five out-of-shape uni geeks, and the trail begins to earn its name. But despite our complaining, we managed to tackle the descent like seasoned warriors. MVP goes to Spencer, who busted the biggest air on command.

Having recently relocated back to So Cal, it was real treat and inspiration to ride with my old buddies once again. I foresee many more ride reports to come.

Wow! Beautiful pics - from the grimaces it looks like a very tough trail.

That looked like an awesome reunion. Thanks for the report.

Wish I was still living in SoCal so I could have joined in on the fun. Although I have some negative feelings about Brokeback Mt…my nickname for Simi Valley. I believe it was this trail I broke my back on several years ago. And Jim broke his on Hummingbird, the next trail over. Be careful guys and girls.

How does one find out about your group rides? Is there a mailing list? I’d love to join you guys (and gal!) for a ride sometime.
Btw, was that Suicide connector, just above Dead cow rd trail? Love SC for its super steep, technical terrain. Been meaning to go back, and also nature trail and G-spot!

Awesome air Spencer!

that looks like a epic group ride!!!

Josh took me out there one time, great trail. Good to have you back on the left coast!